Funny UX Design – BMW

April 24, 2019
Posted in UX Fail
April 24, 2019 Angela

We are in 2019. Wait, really?! It seems that BMW is not.

I found a funny UX Design example from BMW these days.

Even if their headline is “Always ahead of time”, BMW is still using a Floppy Disk icon for the save action in their configurator.




And there are a lot of other examples where the Save action it’s associated with the Floppy Disk image.


Because this is the most common symbol used as well on the stock websites:

A simple search on will show us a lot of results where the Floppy Disk icon it’s still en vogue:)

I think we really need to think about other symbols to replace the obsolete Floppy Disk icon.

I am now thinking about what will we tell our kids about the Floppy Disk. Maybe a visit to the Computer History Museum will help 😉


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